On-demand Webinar

LeanIX M&A Survey: Enterprise Architects - The Secret Heroes of Merger & Acquisition Projects

March 2021

Watch this on-demand webinar hosted by The Open Group, where LeanIX shares all the insights from the LeanIX M&A Survey and why EAs play a significant role in M&A.
At this session you will:

  • Get access to all the insights on the role of EAs in M&A deals, from LeanIX M&A survey;
  • Identify the main challenges of post-merger integration (PMI) activities;
  • Receive best practices to a successful PMI.

Did you know that only 20% of EAs are involved in three or more steps of the M&A process?

In this time of continuous transformation, mergers & acquisitions (M&As) are an indispensable lever to help enterprises innovate and grow revenue. Industry experts predict an accelerated pace of M&A activities to increase, offsetting the recent downturn for M&A deals due to the pandemic’s global economic impact.

Therefore, LeanIX fielded a survey to its worldwide customers and found a common thread, whether it be a merger, acquisition, or carve-out. Enterprise architects are essential drivers for an organization’s success with M&A activities.

Watch this on-demand webinar, with LeanIX's Director of Professional Services, Patrick Schober, to know more about this topic.


Patrick Schober

Patrick Schober

Dir. of Professional Services


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