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Enterprise Architecture Management as Crucial Factor for the Energy Turnaround

July 23, 2020

The energy and utilities market evolution into the world of renewable energy is increasing complexity in digital transformations. Join us for insights into how EA can help to smartly invest in IT and exploit the benefits of the energy revolution!

  • Get an overview over the demands and challenges of a decentralized energy market;
  • Understand the strength and weakness of existing utility IT environment, heatmap and practical use cases;
  • Know the elements of a future proof enterprise architecture for utilities, business and technical capabilities;
  • Learn how to be successful and cost efficient by managing the IT architecture and application landscape.

Prepared for your digital journey?

The energy revolution and the related increased utilization of renewable energy is leading to an increasing complexity of energy grid operation, which is reflected in rising grid dynamics and electrical feed that varies significantly more than in the past in terms of time, location and amount.

The transmission and distribution grids must therefore be successfully expanded and operation optimized in order to achieve the regulatory goals regarding the phasing out of coal and nuclear energy, as well as the electrification of the transport and heating sectors, without jeopardizing either the reliability of supply or an inexpensive energy supply.

To achieve a resilient energy network, all market participants need to invest in their IT and exploit the benefits of Digitalization, such as AI-supported consumption prediction and real-time consumption information through IoT.


Joachim Albersmann

Joachim Albersmann

Senior Manager
Energy & Utility Consulting Division


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