On Demand Webinar

Enterprise Architecture in the Public Sector

September 8, 2021

Enterprise Architecture isn't only for the large enterprises of the private sector - it's a way to simplify complex IT landscapes in any sector.

Hanna Douglas Thomée from Halmstad Municipality in Sweden shares her EA story in this 45-minute Webinar.

Find out:

  • The complexity level of IT at Halmstad
  • How Hanna fell into the EA role
  • Why traditional EA methods, like diagramming, didn't work for Hanna
  • The importance of simplicity and how anyone, including you, can build an EA practice

Gaining transparency with EA

Halmstad Municipality serves a population of more than 100,000 people on the Swedish West Coast. It's responsible for 11 administrations, 10 companies, and employs 9,000+ staff.

It is a very decentralised operation, which has led to siloed technology procurement and implementation. 

Hanna's goal is to provide visibility into the IT landscape, which in turn creates transparency across the organisation, and facilitates change. 

She's still in the middle of her journey, but she's excited to share how she got started with EA, what she's achieved so far, and where she is going.



Hanna Douglas Thomée

Enterprise Architect
Halmstad Municipality


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