On-demand Webinar

How to Accelerate Change With the LeanIX Business Transformation Management Module

October 15, 2020

Watch this recording and learn how the LeanIX Business Transformation Management (BTM) module can help you:

  • Plan multiple change scenarios to achieve business objectives
  • Visualize end-to-end insights into how architectural changes impact business
  • Execute architectural changes into EA documentation instantaneously
  • Interact with and manage the progress of transformations and reduce costs where possible

Ready for your digital journey?

The LeanIX Business Transformation Management (BTM) module offers enterprises the ability to collaboratively model architecture changes like in GitHub and visualize future architecture like with a Time Machine.

Hosted by Johannes Wilden, Lead Product Manager at LeanIX, this recording will guide you through the new LeanIX BTM module.


Johannes Wilden

Johannes Wilden

Lead Product Manager

Sagar S.

Sagar Sheth

Product Marketing Manager


LeanIX's Continuous Transformation Platform® is trusted by Corporate IT and Product IT to achieve comprehensive visibility and superior governance. Global customers organize, plan and manage IT landscapes with LeanIX's automated and data-driven approach. Offering Enterprise Architecture, SaaS Management, and Value Stream Management, LeanIX helps organizations make sound decisions and accelerate transformation journeys.

LeanIX has over a thousand customers globally, including Adidas, Bosch, Dropbox, Santander and Workday. LeanIX is headquartered in Bonn, Germany, with additional offices in Germany and subsidiaries in Boston (USA), London (UK), Paris (France), Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Ljubljana (Slovenia).