A Guide to Application Rationalization

A practical guide to application rationalization including a step-by-step framework on how to do it.

  • Top 7 reasons to use application rationalization
  • 6 steps for successful application rationalization framework
  • Rationalization best practices included

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The Benefits of Rationalization:

increase it value

Increase Value of IT

15 % lower costs by eliminating redundant applications without affecting quality or business value. A study conducted by Cast Software revealed that the average codebase carries approximately US $1,055,000 of technical debt.


Reduce Costs by up to 45%

80 % of a company’s IT budget is tied up due to the maintenance of obsolete applications, which hinder business innovation & growth. Application rationalization can lead to cost-savings of more than US $2 million in a single enterprise.

reduce complexity

Reduce IT Complexity

IT landscapes in billion-dollar enterprises usually contain thousands of interdependent entities—the majority of which are disconnected from their anchoring business capability. APM systematically untangles this IT complexity by categorizing applications and pinpointing redundancy.

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Application Portfolio Management

To Rationalize or not to Rationalize

As cost optimization is a high priority for CIOs, application rationalization should be regarded as an efficient cost saving endeavor. According to a recent study by Capgemini, 48% of CIOs believe that there are more applications in their portfolio than the business actually requires.

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Silvio Hefti, Group CIO Helvetia

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