LeanIX Insights London

x+why - The Orchard
1 Great Cumberland Place, London
30. November, 2023
1:00 PM - 7:00 PM
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4 Speakers
35 Participants
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Application Rationalisation: Unraveling the Trend!

For any modern-day organisation, application rationalisation and streamlining IT and business aspects have never been more important. Join us at LeanIX Insights, where we’re going to focus on the latest trends and insights in Enterprise Architecture (EA). 

  • Discover Latest Trends: Learn about the latest techniques, methodologies, and advancements in application rationalisation.
  • Customer Presentation - Network Rail
  • Networking Opportunities and Knowledge Sharing: Connect with other EA professionals and decision-makers from various industries.
  • Expert Guidance: Receive firsthand advice from LeanIX experts on how to optimise your application landscape.



Arrival and Lunch


Welcome and Introductions

Jeroen van der Reijken
Jeroen van der Reijken
Sr. Director, LeanIX

Optimising Business Value Through Application Rationalisation

In this presentation I’m going to cover the methodology of APR to manage applications effectively. These are the main points that I’m going to discuss:

  • Business Necessity: Uncover the driving forces behind the need for Application Rationalisation in modern enterprises.
  • LeanIX Approach: Gain an understanding of how LeanIX enables effective Application Rationalisation, fostering informed decisions and improved collaboration.
  • Real-world Outcomes: Discover the enhanced business performance and agility achieved by organisations leveraging LeanIX's Application Rationalisation strategies.
Shray Chawla
Shray Chawla
Sr. Consultant, LeanIX

Customer Case Study - Network Rail

Join me as I take you through Network Rail’s journey with LeanIX. I will cover why we chose LeanIX as our EA Management tool of choice, the valuable insights that we are unlocking, and our future plans to maximise the benefits that come with LeanIX.

  • Why LeanIX for EAM? Discover why we selected LeanIX as our EAM tool and the outcomes that we were seeking to achieve.
  • Our Journey and Key Benefits: Hear about our journey with LeanIX, key learnings during implementation and adoption, and the benefits that we are now realising.   
  • Our Future Plans: Hear about our future plans and use-cases to maximise the value and adoption of LeanIX across the wider organisation.
Christopher Hardwick
Christopher Hardwick
Associate Business Architect, Network Rail
Coffee and Networking

Elevate Application Rationalisation with AI

In today's fast-paced digital world, it's essential to keep your application landscape optimised for efficiency and effectiveness - this is where application rationalisation comes in. 

During this practical session, we’re going to cover:

  • Practical Use of LeanIX AI Assistant: Understand how to use the LeanIX AI Assistant right now to make your application rationalisation efforts more efficient. 
  • LeanIX AI Assistant: Future Developments: Hear about our upcoming plans for the LeanIX AI Assistant and how these updates can further support your rationalisation process. 
  • Strategies for Application Rationalisation: Join in a discussion where we share examples and strategies for application rationalisation.
Alexander Ettinger
Alexander Ettinger
Sr. Solution Engineer

Closing and Discussion

Jeroen van der Reijken
Jeroen van der Reijken
Sr. Director, LeanIX

Drinks, Nibbles and Networking

Take the opportunity to network with your peers and LeanIX experts onsite. Share your stories, learn from others and enjoy some drinks and nibbles on us.

Home Time

Feel free to leave whenever, but stick around if you're enjoying yourself. We're sure you'll leave inspired and with new connections.
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