LeanIX Insights Finland

Discuss trends, best practices and use cases with enterprise architects and network with like-minded companies from the region.

SAP Finland Oy, Keilasatama 5, 02150 Espoo, Finland
15. February, 2024
13:30 - 18:00 EET
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6 Speakers
30 Participants
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Modern Enterprise Architecture Practices for Continuous Transformation!

For any modern-day organisation, optimised Enterprise Architectures and streamlining IT and business aspects have never been more important. Join us at LeanIX Insights, where we’re going to focus on the latest trends and insights in Enterprise Architecture (EA). 

  • Discover Latest Trends: Learn about the latest techniques, methodologies, and advancements in Enterprise Architecture Management.
  • Customer Presentation - ARE & Stora Enso
  • Networking Opportunities and Knowledge Sharing: Connect with other EA professionals and decision-makers from various industries.
  • Expert Guidance: Receive first-hand advice from LeanIX experts on how to optimise your Enterprise Architecture practices.



Arrival & Coffee


Welcome & Introductions

Jeroen van der Reijken
Jeroen van der Reijken
Sr. Director, LeanIX

Navigating Transformation: A Case-Story of Establishing Enterprise Architecture Practice with LeanIX at ARE Group

Embark on a journey with ARE Group as we delve into their establishment of an Enterprise Architecture (EA) practice using LeanIX platform. This case-story unfolds the strategic approach taken by ARE Group to adopt IT and Business alignment through the adoption of modern, collaborative technologies. Discover how the organisation set clear objectives, aligning them with the dynamic landscape of changing business needs and environments. Gain insights into how pivotal role can be played by modern EA tools in harmonising with group development initiatives, creating a powerful synergy that will propel ARE Group towards a future of sustainable growth. Join us for a captivating exploration of the challenges, triumphs, and lessons learned in the process of transforming aspirations into a robust EA practice with LeanIX.
Erkki Kalli
Erkki Kalli
Enterprise Architect, CISO, ARE

Improving transparency, trust, and predictability when managing and optimising the IT landscape with LeanIX

Join me while I’m sharing learnings from managing our IT landscape with LeanIX. You will get insights on how we improved transparency, trust and predictability inside the organisation by using LeanIX capabilities. 


Martin Hoffmann
Martin Hoffmann
Head of Enterprise Architecture and Strategy, Stora Enso
Coffee and Networking

End-to-end transformation journey with aligned business and IT

Seamless collaboration and a shared vision for both business and IT are seen as a key success factor for a business transformation. In this presentation, we will discuss how LeanIX can be used in a central role to build an end-to-end journey from business strategy governance and business architecture (e.g. capabilities and processes) to project portfolio, IT architecture, implementation and monitoring.

Antti Eivola
Antti Eivola
Partner, Principal Consultant, Maya Consulting
Ilari Vaara
Ilari Vaara
Partner, Principal Consultant, Maya Consulting

Application Modernization with LeanIX

Explore practical ways to modernise application landscapes with LeanIX. We will cover how LeanIX enhances IT architecture efficiency and aligns with business objectives. Discover how LeanIX can strategically elevate your enterprise architecture while our expert Manuel Albassini is taking you through an interactive demo session of LeanIX platform. 
Manuel Albassini
Manuel Albassini
Solution Engineer, LeanIX

Closing and Discussion

Jeroen van der Reijken
Jeroen van der Reijken
Sr. Director, LeanIX

Drinks, Bites and Networking

Take the opportunity to network with your peers and LeanIX experts onsite. Share your stories, learn from others and enjoy some drinks and bites on us.



Dinner and Networking

Join us for dinner at a unique location within walking distance from our venue. We are looking forward to an evening of good food and great company to continue discussions about the insights gained during the day.

Valantis Almasidis

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Valantis Almasidis

Field Marketing Manager, Benelux & Nordics