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LeanIX Insights


Enterprise Architecture - What's in it for startups?

14:00 - 20:00 CEST

What is LeanIX? 

LeanIX is a software platform that helps organizations manage their IT systems by providing a centralized repository of information about applications, data, and infrastructure.

It enables businesses to visualize their technology landscape, identify redundancies or outdated systems, and optimize their technology portfolio.

Startups can benefit from LeanIX by gaining visibility into their complex IT ecosystem, streamlining their technology stack, and planning for future growth to ensure their IT infrastructure supports their evolving needs.



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Arrival & Welcome


Round of Introduction

We get to know each other and prepare together for an informative afternoon

Elena Mauri
Elena Mauri
Account Executive, LeanIX

Getting started with EAM (or APM) - What’s in it for me?

The world is continuously changing. So is your company. Or is it?
Marek Schumann, Team Lead Onboarding LeanIX, is talking about the role of EA in a rapidly moving world and why it is more relevant than ever.

● Learn about the role of EAM (or APM) in today’s world
● Understand key success criteria for fast time to value

Marek Schumann
Marek Schumann
Team Lead Customer Success Management, LeanIX

Coffee & Networking Break

We are taking a short break to exchange our thoughts


EAM @ ELEMENT Insurance AG - Why is EAM especially for Startups important?

Güray Duyar, Lead Enterprise Architect at ELEMENT, will talk about the reasoning to implement EAM at a Startup. What was the situation like prior to joining, what happened since then and what does the future of EAM @ ELEMENT look like? – are the topics he will cover.
The collaboration between LeanIX and ELEMENT started early in the year 2023 and after the successful PoC we are currently planning the implementation start and future roll-out.

Güray Duyar
Güray Duyar
Lead Enterprise Architect, ELEMENT

Coffee & Networking Break

We are taking a short break to exchange our thoughts


Doctolib & LeanIX - Learn from Doctolib`s Success Story wit EAM and SMP

We will be sharing key learnings on how to ensure control of a business-critical information system in a hyper-growth environment.

Key Highlights:

● Why a user-friendly interface and the LeanIX Fact Sheet approach was the right approach
● Why having the big EA picture is beneficial for scale-up organizations


Summary of the Day

Elena Mauri
Elena Mauri
Account Executive, LeanIX

Get Together

We are getting together for networking with food and drinks

About LeanIX: LeanIX offers Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for managing Enterprise Architecture and multi-cloud environments to enable organisations to take faster, data-driven decisions in their IT.

Working for Leading Brands: Hundreds of leading brands such as Volkswagen, Adidas, DHL, Merck and Vodafone use the innovative solution worldwide. From On-Premises to Cloud-Native and Microservices, LeanIX users gain insights into how well used technology supports business to increase competitiveness and to strengthen innovation.